After watching the documentary of your choice, you are going to write a letter to either one of the characters in the documentary or a person or an organisation that is in any way related to the subject the documentary deals with.

Note: when filling in the table of contents with the details on your assignment, please use the “further information” box to explain to whom you are writing a letter and explain why.

Step 1 – recipient

Decide on a person to write your letter to, your recipient; you might want to choose a person from your documentary (for example a famous person about whom you have seen a documentary) or a person that is in some way related to the subject of your documentary (for example PM Boris Johnson after seeing a documentary on Brexit, or WWF after seeing a documentary on the effects of plastic waste on sea animals).

Step 2 – outline

Decide on a message to get across in your letter; you might want to express your admiration to a famous person, or you might want to express your opinion on a certain matter, you might even want to ask a question. Also write down about 4 to 6 statements/arguments you want to use. Use a piece of paper or some digital document to take some notes. Divide your statements/arguments/questions into two groups, which will form the base of the two paragraphs you are going to write in the core of your letter.

Step 3 – introduction

After finishing your outline, you are going to actually start writing. Start by writing an introduction. Introduce yourself and tell your recipient why you are writing them a letter. Use 4 to 6 sentences.

Step 4 – body

Use the groups of statements/arguments/questions you drew up in step 2; each group will form the base of a paragraph in the body of your letter. Write clear paragraphs of about 10 sentences, using the information you prepared.

Step 5 – ending

Write a closing paragraph of about 4 to 6 sentences. Summarize your main message, express any expectations you might have and if you’d like to, express some wishes to your reader.

Step 6 – lay out & conventions

Make sure your letter’s lay out is exactly how it would be expected of you. Use the guidelines to formal letter writing All Right provides in their course book.

Also make sure you use the correct conventions (salutation, greeting et cetera).


Your letter:

  • consists of at least 300 words
  • consists of at least 4 paragraphs (1; introduction, 2 & 3; body, 4; closing)
  • follows the guidelines of formal letter writing as instructed in class (please refer to the All Right course book)
  • is strongly related to the documentary of your choice
  • is written in correct English, please consider the tone of voice
  • is handed in printed on paper, in a binder, with a front page, table of contents and the rubric (please refer to downloads)